The William & Lillian Miller Family Photo (circa 1955)

Top Row:
Lawrence & Lolita, Mildred & Crawford, Lillian & William, Paulyne & Glen Phelps, Helen & Lee Wilson.

Bottom Row:
David son of Lawrence, Jean and Patricia (daughters of Crawford)
Geraldine, Glenda, Marlene, (daughters of Paulyne), Shari (daughter of Helen)

William & Lillian Miller and their four children.

From top to bottom:
Crawford, Paulyne, Helen, Lawrence

The picture was taken in the stairway
of the Capitol Way (Sacramento, CA) boarding house.


The Sacramento, CA., Capitol Way boarding house.
The house later burned down in the 1960s.

William, Lillian, Paulyne, Crawford and Helen.
Picture was taken in Hayden, Arizona.