Welcome to the second decade of the 21st. Century in the 3rd. Millennium

2013 was again a challenging year for the MillerFamily.

Aiden Roy Miller (Millerman #4) worked out his fifth year of planetary experience and mastered all the XBOX 360, and now the XBOX One, control functions.
His father, Mark (Millerman#3, is now an independent graphic designer and owner of "The 861 Groupe" startup web design firm.
His grandmother, Tonya (Mrs. Millerman#2), celebrated her second cancer free year but is now battling knee joint pain. Knee surgeries are planned for 2014.
His grandfather, David (Millerman#2), continued to respond to Diablo Canyon challenges in hopes of preparing select business processes for the next generation worker.
His great grandfather, Larry (Millerman#1), turned 86 and continues living with the other three Millermen often very challenging to Mrs. Millerman #2.
Aiden's auntie Kerry (Keren) and husband (Andy Erdman) are surviving yet another "worst" Wisconsin winter in hope it is their last.

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